The new single “Pegleg John” from my CD “The Sapphire Sun” has just been released for global radio promotion.  It is a co-write with Tom Proutt the extremely talented songwriter from Virginia.  I look forward to comments, criticisms and kudos.  :)

Radio – remote audio distant interconnected oscillators

Good news from the promotional front. My “The Sapphire Sun” has made it to #15 on the Roots Music Report ‘Rock’ catagory AND #28 in the ‘Roots-rock’ catagory. I’m still working at getting gigs here in the East and hoping to be on the road towards the South and West by late January. It’s getting colder and rainy in NY, and it’ a good day to hunker down and do some work from home.

Jacqueline Kabat – Comedy Improv Can Save The World

About five years ago I was at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, assisting Jimmie Dale Gilmore at his Songwriting workshop.  It was a sunny, early summer day during ‘Arts Week’ when Omega sets aside one afternoon to “sample” other classes on campus.  Since I was born to have adventure, I wandered into her Comedy Improv class and found a huge group of people squeezed into the class room, laughing uproariously.  Jacqueline had a group of complete beginners standing in front of a large group of strangers, creating comedy out of thin air.  I was impressed.  On Thursday evening of that week many of the more ‘high-profile’ teachers and their students perform for the entire campus in the lovely auditorium. Jacqueline’s class was one of them.  The large auditorium full of enthusiastic ‘Omegans’ can be fairly intimidating even to seasoned performers.  Jacqueline’s group. composed of mostly amatures, some of whom had never been onstage before, entertained the large auditorium like pros.  I was even more impressed.

Now there is a documentary about this remarkable entertainer’s work, “Comedy Improv Can Save The World”.  There is an Indie Gogo campaign to raise funds for this documentary.  To donate or learn more go to the link below….and enjoy.


Sapphire Sun – Indie GoGo camaign

There are just two days left for this fundraising campaign, goals far from met, but every dollar will help get it into film festivals.  Help if you can, the Director, David Rambaldi, and the subject of this documentary, yours truly, will appreciate it.  For information, entertainment, or to make a donation, go to the link below.  :)

PFFFF festival rescheduled

The PFFFF festivfal has been rescheduled do to rain (that did not manifest). SO, it’s now this coming Saturday, Oct. 19th. All other info is the same, see the ‘Tour’ post. Thanks, david

The Sapphire Sun on iTunes

Yippie! The Sapphire Sun is now available as a download on iTunes, Cd Baby,, etc…I will add a link to the product page here soon. If you decide to download before that link is up, search my full name, as there is a band with the name ‘sapphire sun’.

Rainy Sunday

Things are pretty up north of Manhattan, rainy and cool. The leaves are vibrant shades of red, gold, green and yellow. I’m looking forward to hitting the road soon, seeing my friends in other parts of the country and playing the songs from the new CD. Really looking forward to the documentary finding a home in some festivals throughout the country.

In our New Digs in NY

Well, the album is released, and radio and print promotion has begun as well.  I’m getting pretty good radio play in a lot of different areas, which is great since I want to travel and play in a lot of places.  Our gigs have been going well.  The show at The Blue Moon Dome was fantastic with lots of really interesting folks to visit with.  Our incredible hosts, Ellen and David were sweet, fun and fascinating.  I can’t wait to go there again and there’s talk of it.  We also went down and did a show in Charlottesville, Virginia at C’ville Coffee with my friend Thomas Gunn (a remarkable songwriter/singer).  We got to visit with a lot of our friends and had Tom Proutt and Emily Gary singing and playing with us on a few tunes.  Last Friday was the official NY release party with cake and everything.  Maggie Dubris and Noah Shapiro joined Jeanie, Albey Balgochian and I for the songs we co-wrote.  It was a blast.  The Zinc bar in the West Village is really great.  Look for us down in Philly on the 12th of Oct. at the PFFFF (Philadelphia Folk Festival Festers Fest) where we’ll be laying down the tunes.  Also gonna be at The Hill Country BBQ playing a few songs with The Twangtwon Paramours.  Lot’s of fun stuff coming down the pike.Outside

David Allen Hammond Santa Fe excursion

Made the trek down from the snowy mountains to the sun-drenched hills of El Dorado.  Santa Fe is a madhouse by comparison to Chama.  I get to spend some time with my friends Debbie and Vincent, makers of this website.  The recording project is going well and I’m looking forward getting this project out into the world.  David Rambaldi and Jeff Bernard are shooting a documentary of the recording and we may be coordinating the release of the CD to the opening of the film. Stay tuned here for more info on both projects.

Artist with Director and Director of photography

Artist with Director and Director of photography

“Headed For A Fall” from the “Life Lines” CD

Headed for a Fall

Click on the link above to hear the song. The song will play on your default media player.