Jacqueline Kabat – Comedy Improv Can Save The World

About five years ago I was at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, assisting Jimmie Dale Gilmore at his Songwriting workshop.  It was a sunny, early summer day during ‘Arts Week’ when Omega sets aside one afternoon to “sample” other classes on campus.  Since I was born to have adventure, I wandered into her Comedy Improv class and found a huge group of people squeezed into the class room, laughing uproariously.  Jacqueline had a group of complete beginners standing in front of a large group of strangers, creating comedy out of thin air.  I was impressed.  On Thursday evening of that week many of the more ‘high-profile’ teachers and their students perform for the entire campus in the lovely auditorium. Jacqueline’s class was one of them.  The large auditorium full of enthusiastic ‘Omegans’ can be fairly intimidating even to seasoned performers.  Jacqueline’s group. composed of mostly amatures, some of whom had never been onstage before, entertained the large auditorium like pros.  I was even more impressed.

Now there is a documentary about this remarkable entertainer’s work, “Comedy Improv Can Save The World”.  There is an Indie Gogo campaign to raise funds for this documentary.  To donate or learn more go to the link below….and enjoy.



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